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PDF for Partial Cover rules

UPDATE 1.16.2013

PDF for Partial Cover rules has been uploaded to the 'Downloads' section of Heroscapers. You can access it here:


Thanks to all who helped me put this together!

* * * * * *

Hello, Heroscapers. It's been a while.

About two years ago, I began putting together a set of house rules for partial cover. Rather than rehashing what I said in an earlier blog post here on, I'm just going to quote myself:

Originally Posted by me:
I've been thinking quite a bit about a system of rules to incorporate into Heroscape to bring to the game some form of partial cover. Obviously over the years there have been many different discussions and incarnations of a partial cover rule set. However none of them seemed to grab my interest enough either because they were too complex, too simple, or too ambiguous in how to determine just how much partially cover a figure had. Basically, the spirit of the game was always lost to me in these rule sets.

The designers of the game early on mentioned that a common mantra to the game was, "Keep It Simple Stupid." However, deep beneath the surface of the simplicity of the rules lies vast and intricate strategies in everything from army building, movement, attacking and defending, unit synergy... and on and on.

In coming up with the basic structure for these partial cover rules, I wanted to use concepts and mechanics which were already in the game so as to make them as accessible as possible. I also wanted to try and keep them as simple as possible without making them TOO basic, allowing for a deeper mechanic outside of, "My figure is adjacent to this wall, so I add 1 defensive die." Nothing wrong with that if that's how you 'roll' (see what I did there?). But like I said, that's just too basic for me.

Why partial cover? Because I want the terrain objects in Heroscape (walls, ruins, evergreens, etc.) to do more than just ALMOST hide a figure. I want them to have more strategic significance during movement and positioning of units, as this would affect both the way the an attacker moves, as well as a defender. I also want to try and give melee units a bit more of a fighting chance as they move across the battlefield, trying to out maneuver ranged units who all too often have things all too easy.
So there you go...

While these are pretty much play-tested and finalized, I'd really like to hear the feedback of the community. If you have any questions that aren't answered in the PDF, let me know.

Once I get some feedback, and no one steps forward with something that proves these custom rules as completely broken, I'll upload the PDF to the Downloads section of 'Scapers.

That said, thanks for taking the time to look these over! And happy 'Scaping

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