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Re: Heroscape Brief Card for Beginners (Updated 10/30)

I'm brand new to Heroscape, and this is my first post to this AMAZING website. I was looking around for something to keep handy for me and my kids so we don't constantly have to keep going back to the rule book, and also to give the cousins when they come to play. I got inspired by LongHeroscaper's Brief Card and decided to do one too, adding the D&D terrains. I didn't think I could improve his or anything, just having fun so I thought I'd put it on here in case someone wants some more variety. Since I'm new I can't upload it, but maybe one of the more established people could? I borrowed lots of ideas from around the forums: besides LongHeroscaper I particularly owe credit to Lamaclown's fonts (here) and a Sisyphus' stats work (Sisyphus' Probability Tables).

I designed it to be ~4x6 and the font is tiny for some stuff, but it should scale OK. Let me know what you think...and definitely tell me if you see a mistake. I used a lot of shorthand but it's mainly intended to remind us of the basics, not explain rules in a lot of depth.

EDIT 8/01/11
Thanks to lefton4ya for getting the pics uploaded!
I'll trying linking it here until (hopefully) I can get it on this site so the pics can be seen in the post.
You can now download the PDF'll do a much better job scaling the text.

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