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I knocked the door down this weekend. My son who was inside the castle had the 4th Mass and Snipers for his range (~475 point army). I was going all Einar. My army had no range. I had all of the gladiators, samurai, and the FB (~850 point army). There was some cover near the door so I was able to hide melee units and move in the next turn.

I used the gladiators to do most of the damage to the door. With a 6 attack, 4 defense, and 5 life they gladiators do pretty well beating on the door. Crixus' "One shield defense" allows him to stay in there pretty well. (NOTE if I wasn't going for a themed army, I would have taken Kelda and put her behind the cover so I could run back to her everytime Crixus got hurt). As it was, I lost all 3 gladiators and turned to the kuzoke to finish the door off.

Once I finished the door I met up with my son's knights and sentinels. I inflicted some damage before my kuzoke died. By the time I got the next set of samuari to the door, my son had placed a sentinal in the doorway with Concan behind him. I died from the reign of death heaped upon me as I tried to kill the sentinal.

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