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Re: Godzilla and friends

For King Caesar's Class, I would for sure go Guardian.
For his personality, my personal rank of currently in-use options are in this order:

For Ghidorah, I like the idea of the pop, and that he can’t attack non-huge figures more than once. They tend to fire in short wild lines, so I would adjust the ability to do that.


Range 7. Attack #.
Choose 3 spaces in a straight line within # spaces from King Ghidorah. All figures on the chosen spaces and in clear sight of King Ghidorah are affected by this special attack. Roll # attack dice once for all affected figures. If you destroy a destructible object with this special attack, roll # unblockable attack dice against each figure that was adjacent to that destructible object, one at a time. If King Ghidorah is unengaged, he may use this Special Attack up to two additional times. King Ghidorah may not attack a non-Huge figure more than once per turn.

Also, one of the most Lunchbox moves he could do would be to strangle adjacent Huge figures with his necks/tails. I don’t know if this is the best way to do it, but here’s a shot.


When King Ghidorah attacks with a normal attack, he may attack up to 3 times or 2 times if there are 7 or more wound markers on this Army Card. When an adjacent Huge figure makes a normal attack against King Ghidorah, that figure rolls 2 fewer attack dice.

Should his normal range be 1?

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