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Re: HeroSkype Match Request Thread

bold for tldr

Noob looking for game with patient teacher. I know the very basics, and while I'll be awkward with the synergies, and strategies of the master game, I'll be capable.
I really want to up my awareness of things like threat zone, etc.

I'm a thirty something guy, so maturity is not an issue. Would rather not play with youths; the situation just borders on creepy, so I'd rather avoid it.

Long history of PnP RPG, and other online gaming.

8-10:30pm EST w/ hard stop @10:45.

Start time depends on my kids' bedtime, so some flex is needed.

I have RotV, SotM, BftU, FotAx2

I don't have any expansions, so playing competetive style with multiple squads is not an option. OOTB scenarios might be a good idea.
I'll try and set up a webcam or two.
Can use Skype, yahoo, vent. I can leave the game setup between sessions, if the game doesnt end within the play time.

PM for email to discuss.

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