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Re: Strategies vs Dwarves

Originally Posted by Good Pig View Post
Originally Posted by GreenLanturn View Post
I actually play Dwarves whenever I get the chance. I usually run a core of:
Axegrinders x4
Darrak Ambershard
Mogrimm Forgehammer

I really like this core for the Dwarves. The commons obviously counter large huge, but they are generally the one's with the high powered special attacks. This allows me to keep Mogrimm safe from most of that stuff. Against commons and/or normal attack Mogrimm is just a beat stick and a tank. In my eyes they cover each others weaker points.

Darrak can be vicious. My general plan with him is to lose out on a few turns attacking with him until I can get one or two Grinders engaged to more than one thing. Once that happens I'll miss a kill and leave at least one still engaged for Darrak to smack. This turns into a pattern after awhile.

Migol isn't worth his salt unless I can have 5-6 squads and that's over hex limits. I just need more fodder out of my commons, and he is the weakest hero. Ya, he hits hard and statistically hits for more dice than Darrak. But when you consider the intended situations you'll see that Darrak will throw 6 dice more often than Migol will throw 3... way more often.

I've had trouble with high mobility more than just brute force. Ya, Knights will fair better, but I expect that. (Who doesn't?) What really bothers me to see across the table is a figure like Kaemon Awa, he has a special multi attack and is a medium hero. Not to mention he has counter strike. I've been ripped up by well played Marro Warriors, so I'd assume KMA can duplicate that. Oddly I've had more problems with the Unique (and highly mobile) squads than with anything else.

Anyway, I hope that helps you find some kind of counter. I think it helps to know why people draft them, and those are my reasons.
It's really map dependent too. On a flatish map the dwarves will dominate once they reach you. With 6 move on their own it isn't too hard to do.

Played this in my first tournament and it was a massacre:

My army:
210 Braxas
110 Airborne Elite
80 Deathreavers x2
120 Krug
90 Crixus

185 Zelrig
350 Dwarves x5
60 Darrak
20 Marcu

Granted I was very new to the game and the dice were not doing anything for me, but it was a complete blow out. My rats got torn up before cornering Zelrig and the dwarves had a field day with Braxas and Krug.

A lot of players would probably argue rats are still a better screen for the dragons, but I really like how the Greenscale Warriors keep the dragons competitive while up against dwarves.
Ouch. Airborne Elite are good. They can get in 8 attacks before the dwarves reach them. More if they start with height advantage or have other movement blockers between them. Add Taelord, height, Glyph of Astrid (Attack +1), Finn, Thorgrim and Raelin. 4 attacks of 7 per OM + defence of 5 should let you hold out for a while. Especially with a range of 8.

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