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Re: Food for Thought: A Discourse on Deities

Originally Posted by Joseph Sweeney View Post
Ergo, we must choose what we believe about those beginnings.
No, no we don't.
Here is one place that I think JS and I line up very closely on. In fact, I would say that we can't, not just that we don't. To assume things about the inner-workings of JS's mind, he cannot choose to believe in anything. Because of the way his rationale works, he cannot believe in a God because his brain doesn't let him. Additionally, Aldin cannot not believe, since that is what his rationale sees as the most likely case.

I'm not saying that "soul searching" and attempts at belief are impossible, but at a certain point whatever our individual, logical brains think is right is what we end up believing. I do like to sit in the boat of, "we don't know, and we can't know (yet)" and I fully recognize that that is a belief that I didn't choose, but one that the machinery of my brain has made for me.

So, even though there is definitely an intelligent designer to No Man's Sky, there are still some great design flaws in it, so one could argue that an intelligent creator of our universe could have used a similar method of design where not every single detail was ironed out, allowing for some the flaws JS mentioned even if there is a creator.
But not an omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevelonet designer. And if he lacks one of these attributes, then, in the words of Epicurus, "Why call him God?"
I'm pretty sure if we informed one of the Gek (a prominent species in No Man's Sky) about Sean Murray and the team at Hello Games they would consider him "God". If I was presented with proof of a creator, whether or not they consisted of the "3-omnis" I would still give them quite a lot of recognition (and admittedly use the word "creator" before "god" but that's kinda irrelevant).

In the case of No Man's Sky, let's define what kind of "God" Sean Murray is (I'm sure I'm delving into slight blasphemy, but I assure you that I'm not worshiping Sean before you, Yahweh ).

Is Sean Murray omnipotent to No Man's Sky? Hmm... Kind of? His code determines everything that happens, but he isn't a constant guiding hand. If he wants to edit a single animal, I don't think he can; but at the same time his decisions do make up 100% of the No Man's Sky universe, except for the players (which is kind of like putting free will into a universe, right?

Is Sean omniscient? Definitely not. He often doesn't know what the repercussions of his changes will be, fully. He has talked about that in some interview, but I don't think it matters too much to link that. He also has no idea what the vast majority of the 18 quintillion planets look like, and never will, just like all of us.

Is Sean omnibenevolent? There're way to many pirates and predators and fire storms for him to love everything in his creation, right? Actually, I think you could argue that Sean is omnibenevolent when it comes to No Man's Sky. He loves it. Does he want it to be perfect? That depends on your definition of perfect. That kind of love without a need for everything to be perfectly utopian always makes sense, and sounds like the way a creator of our universe could think and still be classifiable as omnibenevolent.

I guess all of my argument is implying that accepting the creator, or not, is irrelevant for the denizens of the the universe. Sean isn't asking the Gek to worship him, and if there is a God in this universe it seems people are the ones asking me to worship Him (and He designed my brain in such a way that it is, so far, impossible for me to worship him).

Also, howdy @Owlman ! I've been enjoying this vacation that you helped get me on. I figured you deserved a warmer welcome back, no matter how much I'm sure I'll disagree with you, and even if I find your beliefs offensive, since my beliefs won't stop me from being a nice person (to everyone pretty much of the time).

Finally, I liked @Dad_Scaper 's long post. I don't think you need to be sorry for that at all. You're Texas Sharpshooter argument seems like a more elegant version of an argument I have made (I'm not sure if I've made it on this thread yet) that basically just says, "of course, as intelligent life-forms, we find ourselves in a universe, on a planet that is ideal for intelligent life to develop. If there are universes out there that don't allow for that to happen, of course we're not there" That isn't to say that those universes are "misses" by the "creative force".

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