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Re: Looking for thoughts on a 2 vs 1 scenario. "Kill the Kin

Well with the castle in the mix it will make things a little easier for the defender since he will have height advantage. If there is only one way for non flying figures to get in that will make it even better for the defender. You might find that two on one with even army sizes and the castle will be even. The attackers will have more order markers so there will be somewhat of a horde effect storming the castle but if the defender has a lot of ranged units on the walls then he should be able to take out a lot of attackers. If he is able to get some units out in front of the walls to tie up attackers even better. Then the ranged units up on the walls can snipe away!
Usually when you play a two player storm the castle game then the attacker needs to have 1.5 to 2 times the points in his army to have much of a chance. I think having even points with three players would be a good place to start and see how it goes then adjust the points as needed.
Another thing to look at is the terrain. You are placing the castle on a high hill with snow etc. This is going to make it even harder for the attackers. Ranged units on the walls will have a field day. If you keep the terrain the same then I would add points to the attackers armies. They will take heavy losses getting to the walls so they will need the extra points to make the game competitive. One thing you might add to help the attackers would be some los blockers like trees or walls.

I have played a lot of storm the castle games and they usually fall in favor of the defender. Two on one evens it out some but the terrain will play a big part in the battle. It will be a fun game though, no matter the outcome.
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