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Re: Possible HS video game...

Originally Posted by awesomeunleashed View Post
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I figured since people will play it online by sending images of a static map back and forth with pieces moved, that everyone would definitely play what i had planned
Whoah! That was the very oldest version of the system. The current online system is completely live, and even has a time-tracking system. Not quite video-game quality, but it's to the point where playing online is (for me) just about as fun and easy as playing on a physical map.

Probably the first thing you would want to do is see if WotC was interested in selling video game rights to a third party at any (reasonable) price. Then you'd need to find an interested third party.
With this news, the heroscape video game seems to be closer yet!
if we (the heroscape community) already have online games that take place live, have a 3d maptile editor, and fully constructed databases with stats, hero cards, and figures, then someone (or group) needs to just assemble the pieces into a cohesive whole, (and add 3d models for the figures)
I would greatly enjoy something that continues the legacy, story, and ingenuity of heroscape, because manufacturing them again isn't a viable option.
I have been searching the dusty archives of this site since before i posted this thread, and while i understand that some people enjoy the human element that comes with all table-top games, the only option IMO for heroscape to ever pick back up again would be through it's metamorphosis into a video game. It has an Engrossing, Rich, and ORIGINAL storyline that could easily be adapted into a linear sequence of events to progress through. A Kickstarter campaign run by a determined enough group of individuals could fund a purchase for the copyright or permission to produce a video game for heroscape. I am simply coming forth with a new way to bring this awesome idea to life!
It could be a direct copy of the heroscape rules (Die rolls behind the scenes with a *HIT= 1,2,3, etc*, or *MISSED* if no atk die were rolled or *BLOCKED* if the defending figure blocked it) 3D walk-about, Attacking, Blocking, Taking damage, Wounded, or dead graphics, New terrains, New units, New Archkyries (AND TO FINISH AQUILLA). And think about it... If we could get Craig Van Ness and Rob Daviau to either help us out or to at very least impart with us an ending or conclusion to the heroscape storyline so we could once and for all know who ended up winning all the wellsprings and if there are anymore.

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