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Re: Green Lantern: Guy Gardner - Design Phase

Originally Posted by Hahma View Post
Originally Posted by IAmBatman View Post
Cool. That's an interesting idea, A3n, but I'm not sure how to go about wording something like that ...
Anyway, if someone's interested, I'm open to having an initial playtest. I'm still working on Mr. Fantastic myself, though, and I realize most everyone else is busy elsewhere as well.
So if this one takes a bit, that's OK.
Can Guy's Overextend be similar in theory as Huntress's Reckless Engagement? Not sure on the wording.

I've still got 2 Army Tests to do for Thing. Will try to get one done in the morning. Also, Bob needs one of us to do initial playtest too.
I think that an attack of 3 being boosted by 4 to a total of 7 and the ability to take an additional turn is already enough without any other boosts. I think if anything, we are at the power ceiling now, and consideration to come down is going to be in order as we playtest.
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