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Re: Where can i buy heroscape custom bases?

I just want to say that Yodajunkie is still one of the best places to go to get custom bases. He sent the shipment out on Monday and I got my bases on Wednesday! they go for $0.50 for a regular base... the only other competitor is the guy over at RPG locker who has like 150 cannibalized bases at $0.40 for a regular base with wholes and maybe torn stickers.
Sorry to necro a thread but I just thought I would comment about my recent transaction with yodajunkie as this thread was the first result when I google searched custom heroscape bases and the last few comments make it seem like yodajunkie is either unreliable or out of business. I guess for those who regularly buy from him you already know that he is still in business but hopefully this post helps any future would be customers.

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