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Rock Band Pepsi Promo

Hey all, this is dragonfire. Havent been here in a while, but im BACK! Hows it going? Anyway, heres the deal. This summer, Pepsi is doing a promotion with Rock Band. Basically, on a lot of 1 liter and 20 ounce bottles of Pepsi, there is a symbol on the cap. Its either a guitar, bass, mic, or drums. It doesnt make a difference. Under the cap is a code, and on, after adding teh code, you get your choice of almost any Rockband downloadable songs. Its a great deal. The reason i am bringing this up is because I have a favor to ask. IK many people here drink soda, but not as many have Rockband. If you ever get a code, would you be willing to send it to me here as a private message. This is only if you dont want the code for yourself. Obviously, if you have RB, enjoy.

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