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Re: Check out my 800 point army and tell me what im missing.

Originally Posted by dok View Post
Odd though it sounds, I don't think Minions and Taelord go together that well. You have to spend order markers dragging Taelord into the fight, which isn't a very efficient approach.

For an 800 point Taelord army, I would propose something like:

180 Taelord
80 Raelin RotV
300 Omnicron Snipers x3
120 Deathreavers x3
120 Kaemon Awa
800, 24 hexes

As far as a good companion for Minionsx3 at 800... I'm not sure what I'd do, but you could do a lot worse than this:

80 Raelin RotV
180 Major Q9
100 Krav Maga Agents
110 Laglor
330 Minions of Utgar x3
800, 18 hexes
personally i think a good taelord army would be
2x roman archers-110(390)
tarn vikings-50(700)
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