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Re: Prioritizing My Acquisitions

Originally Posted by vydar1970 View Post

Malliddon's Prophecy - Grut Orcs
Jandar's Oath - Heroes of Nastralund
Jandar's Oath - Kilts and Commandos
Zanafor's Discovery - Greeks and Vipers
Zanafor's Discovery - Lawmen and Samurai
Zanafor's Discovery - Soulborgs and Elves
Raknar's Vision - Heroes Of Lindesfarme
Thora's Vengeance - Gladiators & Agents
Thora's Vengeance - Soulborgs
Dawn of Darkness - Archers & Kyrie
Unfortunately most of those are hard to come by right now. Check out Billtog's excellent shopping guide. On the bright side, you can easily prioritize by getting the ones that are available!

Raknar's Vision I'd definitely recommend. It was a while before I finally got a large figure pack to go with my ROTV and it was great fun to add more dragons and other large figs. Included in that set is Jotun, a giant fighting for Ullar.

I've only been doing this for a few months, but my advice is buy any of the older wave packs that are still available while you can. They'll all come back eventually but it could be a while. Back when I started I passed up a few packs I now wish I had snagged!
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