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Re: The Book of Ulginesh

Originally Posted by spiteofthedice View Post
Originally Posted by P_J_Keller View Post
As an elf Ulginesh may aid Emiroon's ability to summon other elves
Wow, just wow. Thanks P_J_K. In my defense, the new elves have so much synergy that when I PM the books to Dnutt, I have to leave out the bios and images, otherwise it doesn't all fit in 1 message. Still, good eye.

I added Arkmer, Chardris, and Johrdawn.

Emirroon's synergy is under "Benefits Received," since it can transport Ulginesh out of trouble. Emirroon doesn't actually need Ulginesh to make the power work. Ulginesh is only on the receiving end of the Spell.

Thanks for your help, P_J_K.
What I was going for on the benefits offered was Emiroon being able to add 1 (cumulative) to his D20 summoning roll when Ulginesh (or any other elf) is adjacent.

I can see how the synergys are piling up as more product comes out - good luck with that

And I was glad to contribute. Our community is so active that normally somebody has already said what i was going to before I can say it.

The books are great - after the heroscape News section the books are what I delve into most.

Thank you guys for all your hard work.
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