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Re: Redemption CCG

Rages Angel rages:
Someone really needs to develop a decent Christian-themed CCG. I guess it's good that Redemption has lasted almost as long as Magic TCG, but it was very disappointing as a game.
I thought there was another one. Maybe for the Archangels comic books?

Gamjuven, I have the Redemption: City of Lost Souls board game by the famous Mr. Richard Borg. It is really a rather fun little game, which should come as no surprise, given it's pedigree.

I tend to avoid collectible games with blind purchases. The "Christian" thing to do would be to give me preconstructed decks. I just got into Blue Moon and the ultra-fast, ultra-inexpensive Frenzy and I really dig them, though I wouldn't take the former to youth group.
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