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Chris Perkins knows what's in an order marker Chris Perkins knows what's in an order marker Chris Perkins knows what's in an order marker
New England Heroscape: 4x400

New England Heroscape: 4x400
Saturday, November 16th, 2019
New Players Welcome

Where: The Whiz Game Store
122 Turnpike Road, Westborough, MA, 01581

When: Show up 12:30 PM, Round 1 starts at 1 pm. 50 minute rounds.

What: 4 rounds of a Swiss-Style Tournament.

Format: 4 Round Swiss style tournament. Players bring 4 pre-drafted 400 point armies, 20 figures limit, no Marvel, no C3V or other customs. No figure can be used in more than 1 army. Write each army down on an index card, numbered 1-4. At the beginning of each round I will randomly select 1 - 4, and you will use that numbered army for that round. No number will be repeated, so you will play each of your armies exactly once.
If you need a few figures to help fill out your army, I can lend them to you (assuming I haven't already lent them to someone else). Just send me a PM to reserve the figure.

Entry: There will be a $10 entry fee.

Please let me know by replying to this thread if you are planning on attending, so that I have an accurate estimate for the number of maps I need to bring.

Prizes: There will be a prize table with awards for the top finisher and additional awards via a point-weighted drawing.

For anyone who wants to enter but is missing a figure (or figures) they would like to run, or doesn't have an army at all, reach out to me and I can likely provide the figure/army. (Please reach out before the day-of though)

The Borogoves
Highways and Dieways
Dance of the Dryads
Fire Isles
Remains of Clionesia
(in the order they will be used if we have less than 16 people)

Glpyh Pool: Ulaniva (Unique Attack), Dagmar (Initiative), Wannok (Wound), Kelda (Healer), Valda (Move), Lodin (D20); no treasure glyphs

Chris Perkins
Arctrooper506 +1

ollie +6


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