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Question Heroclix in 2019?

So I was playing a match of C3G Heroscape at my LGS, and I had a couple of guys approach who noticed I was using Heroclix figures. They asked what I was doing and I gave them a brief explanation of Heroscape. They went on to tell me that they are currently trying to get a group together for Heroclix to meet on a regular basis and host tournaments for it.

My question is, what are your opinions on Heroclix?

I don't want to "ditch" Heroscape, since my favorite aspect of it is the 3D terrain and I know Heroclix doesn't have that, at least not in its basic form. Maybe I could convince the group to invest in 3D Heroclix terrain? I would offer up my own Heroscape terrain for use with the Heroclix system, but the Square-to-Hex transition doesn't quite mesh 1:1. Some people are Ok with the changes but most would probably not consider it to be 'true' Heroclix.

My biggest problem with Heroscape right now is that no one in my area (South Texas) really plays it. If I want to join a tournament, I would have to drive quite a long distance. So this could possibly be an opportunity to finally be part of a similar style of group?

I really don't know anything about Heroclix though. Are all figures compatible with all other figures? Are only figures from newer sets allowed in Tournaments (Like Magic: the Gathering formats)? If anyone could shed some light on this, I would appreciate it. Preferably people who have experience with both games.
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