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Re: New England Revival - West Warwick RI - 1/12/19

Originally Posted by Cleon View Post
I will be there unless otherwise (work). It looks like my dad cannot make it. I was trying to get my cousin to cone too but he's very busy having a kid in all, so he's very unlikely.

One question: what's up with the treasure glyphs? The five maps posted don't normally use them. Are you going to sub in treasure glyphs for some of the glyph spots? And, what's the trap for treasure glyphs?

I'm excited, still haven't decided which army I want to bring. VC makes a lot of possibilities.
A shame to hear about your cousin and dad but maybe next time.

As for your question Long answer: I haven't made the maps yet (starting this weekend) so I haven't noticed that treasure glyphs aren't normally used. The list of treasure glyphs and normal glyphs I posted are just the running list I use for those glyphs respectfully. I won't be subbing any glpyhs it just so happens there are none on any of these maps.

Short answer: I won't use treasure glyphs, I just copy and paste my OP to other events without actually checking if certain types of glpyhs are used; good catch, sorry about the confusion.

Side note: Midnight Lagoon has an optional glyph location in the center replacing the crop out. I could put a treasure glyph there but I have no idea what the trap would be if I do. If I do decide to replace this I will make it optional (both players can decide if they want it at start of round) and I'll reduce the glyph pool as that would be the only one being used. Once again nice catch, you got me thinking now.

EDIT: I finished the maps and the glyph pool today; all set and ready for next week! I have decided to go with 1 optional treasure glyph on Midnight Lagoon in the middle there. Both players can decide if they want it or not. The traps for that will be: Roll a 1: The glyph is an illusion, remove it from the game. Roll a 2-5: Reverse the powers of the glyph; -1 attack, -1 defense, take 3 wounds. The glyph pool for treasures and normal power glyphs are updated in the OP.

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