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Re: The Book of Conan - Initial PT Phase

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That power would come up so rarely that I'm starting to wonder if it would be worth putting on at all.
As for my suggestion not "coming up" often enough, so what? Do we really need to see Conan climbing all the time anyway? Is that something that he is just always constantly doing? I mean Superman always flies, and has that power. But he also has X-ray vision that he rarely uses, but when he needs it, it is there. And the same can be said for many figures including someone iconic like Professor X who has a rarely used (typically end game) special attack. Just saying. I don't think Conan has to be climbing all the dang on time to justify the power to be there, and I don't think the power as is, accurately "plays" the character the way he is typically depicted.
He has a move of six - when is it really useful for his height to not count with that move? Only very, very rarely - he wouldn't ever be able to climb high up either.

Oh, and I'm never desperate, but often times I am disparaging. Look me up.
Of this I am aware - I've seen you around.
When counting spaces for Conan's movement, elevation changes of up to 1 level count as one space. You may ignore Conan's height of 5 when climbing.
To me, that is an acceptable change where a change is warranted, but I do prefer some sort of power that is basically like Sgt Drake's grapple of sorts, because when we do see Conan climbing, it is usually straight up a wall.
Can't comment, don't know the character.
Originally Posted by Tornado View Post
I think he will play sluggish if we alter Expert Climbing and I would need to redo all my testing thus far.
And we wouldn't want that, now would we? If playing with figures and creating appropriate powers and tweaks isn't fun due to it feeling like work, quit. I did. LOL
I don't think he was complaining, but I see you were joking, so neither am I.
Conan should, honestly feel a bit sluggish compared to Superman, Green Lantern, Batman, etc. He isn't super. He should however feel extraordinary when playing against non-supers. I know I know, Batman isn't technically super, but he is the motherfing BATMAN!
Fair enough - however, done like that, he'll probably need to be boosted in other areas, or else come in at significantly less than his 200 Point target. Also about the word I whited out - I have no problem with it... but, you know, family site. (I can't believe I, of all people, am saying this. )
OK, bullet time.
  • It is useful when and only when it is useful. Personally, I always loved playing with city scape themes, and castles, etc. I love buildings. Ground pounders have a terrible time on those maps and a grapple arm really helps. Geez, imagine if the original designers felt the same way as you do, Sgt Drake would have never had his Grapple Arm or anything of the like. It is less frequently useful, sure, but it is still useful when and only when it is useful.
  • I'm the reason children look under the bed at night.
  • If you don't know the character, that is not enough of an excuse from wikipediaing his tail. You will learn that there is nothing supernatural or metahuman about him. He is just a man, with lots of skills and savagery.
  • A lot of times I joke about what I really mean. It gets the point across and leaves my victims pondering my meaning. But truly, we don't playtest to confirm our design, we playtest to learn from our design.
  • The cost is what the cost is. It is rare, but at times a character in its design may have a targeted cost range that the designer(s) are looking for. Maybe that is the case here, but I doubt it. I know I wouldn't have a range for him, because usually that is done for figures that have iconic counters that need to be on close or equal terms. In this case, that doesn't seem to apply.
  • Have you ever heard of Marvel's dragon Fin Fang Foom? He has a mom you know. MotherFing.
    I masked the word without spelling it. If any kid reads what I wrote and knows what it is, then that is not the first time he/she has heard it. Otherwise, I just look like an idiot with a typo. LOL Oh darn, is idiot allowed? Is this more family friendly?
Alright, I liked this back and forth bit. Reminds me of past times. But it is time for me to fly back to my cave and stew. Peace.
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