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Re: Jahosaphat's repaint/designed customs 2/1

Good job. I just have 2 things to say.
1.Awesome job on making the figures.
2. Your cards could be edited a bit to sound more official.
Menelauis card says, "You may move 1 kyrie hero or 3 kyrie squad figures". Kato has a similar power, but it is worded, "1 samurai hero or 1 Samurai squad."
Being that all kyrie squads are 3 figure squad, the wording is unnecessary and you can make your card sound more official.

And the Drow Kyrie. You need to clarify the teleport power. You can't move each of the three figures to the same chosen place. Instead you could word it as such. "Choose an opponent's figure within 8 clear sight spaces of the Assassins. You may place up to three Assasian you control adjacent to the chosen figure."

Also opponent is spell wrong on the Assassin card.

Again great job on the figures and everything. I envy you.

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