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Re: Index of 3D Scans of Figures

Originally Posted by TREX View Post
Originally Posted by Lucace View Post
I would be very interested in these if you have easy access to them! I just ordered a photon and am excited to get started. Any tips for anything?

Also, I am wondering if any of these models need to be scaled or anything or if they are good after download? I am using Chitubox currently but would switch if anyone has any recommendations for slicing software to use.
All of scapedoods models are the right size. I've ran into a couple very small issues on just a few of them but nothing that can't be easily fixed. I looked into loading up full build plates of models on here, but the load times it would take me to put them on here would be horrendously slow for me. My pointers for using chitubox for supports is using medium auto supports at 60% density with your models rotated roughly 15% backward. The reason for the slightly tilted models is so there is less suction force and smaller areas such as the heel of the foot rather than the whole foot to start at once creating less failures. I recommend a Youtuber called 3d Printing Pro. He does a great job describing islands and how to support models to make files without fails. I do use auto supports but also go in afterwards and manually place supports where I see that it missed them. It does that from time to time. If the area is particularly large, I'll even place a few heavy supports.
That is perfect. Thank you so much for your help. Iím excited to try it!

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