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The Eternal Grove

Required: 1 ROTV, 1 VW, 1 RTTFF, Extra Sand and Rock from mini's.

The map consists of a Large forest or "Grove", with a large cave.
The gaps inside the map are "Walls" or cave walls and line of sight cannot go through them.

What you need to build:

1 ROTV Master Set + Extra Tiles from mini's OR 4 ROTV Master Sets
1 VW Expansion
1 RTTFF Expansion

If you use only 1 ROTV.....
Extra Tiles Needed...

8 (2-hex)
2 (1-hex)

4 (1-hex)

6 (2-hex)
4 (1-hex)

Most can be substituted with just about anything else if you have other tiles.


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