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Originally Posted by Agatagary
One interesting thing to note is that not only had Einar summoned no large or two-spaced units, but Einar has not summoned any units besides humans!

If you examine Einar's army, he has so far summoned nothing but humans. In fact, the only units in his army that are not humans are the Einar Imperium and Empress Kiova! (Which you would expect in Valhalla)

This leads one to think that there is a reason for this. I personally doubt that Einar will be receiving any non-human units. A war elephant is possible, but I doubt even that. It seems that Einar is either unwilling or unable to summon any non-human units to Valhalla for some reason. I could be wrong of course, but so far Einar has not summoned any non-human units in six waves, 2 large figure expansions, 1 master set, and 4 terrain expansions.

Don't count on an Einar Dragon.
He's got some great units, but there's sooooooooooooo much room for improvement and the ever growing need for reinforcements it's not even funny.

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