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Watching heroscape grow up

I've been doing wargaming for the last 10 years. I've been terrain building off and on during that time too. Since so many people in this community haven't done any wargaming outside of heroscape, it's been kinda funny watching this community grow up.

Face it guys, you've grown up. You're no longer board gamers. Your war gamers now.

But war gaming is expensive!

How much have you spent so far?

War games have long FAQs!

Last I checked, heroscape more than a few pages.

War games constently come out with new versions every few years!

Heroscape is only about 3 years old, and it's on its third rule book. We also get new rules everytime a new terrain set comes out.

War gaming requires painting and terrain building!

Not all of them any more. And, we do have an entire forum dedicated to painting and terrain making here.

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