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Re: [AotV] Pre-Brainstorming Thread

Originally Posted by Astroking112 View Post
I like the theming more as an alien terraforming the battlefield than as a Water Elemental spreading its element, but either one could work as thematic justification. I also wouldn't be opposed to pairing some kind of terrain-based ability with a healing ability (perhaps even boosted when targeting figures on water spaces, if we wanted the two powers to play together more).

Nice memory on recalling Durnipia! I'd have no problems with making Kiora Durnipia (given the alien lizard arm that Valguard has, I actually think it's a really cool reference), although her colors are better suited to Aquilla than Einar. It looks like we never saw more of Durnipia outside of Valguard's bio, though, so there's plenty of room to flesh her out as we see fit.
I think she's also referenced as "Einar's healer" in the bio for the 10th Regiment of Foot.
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