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Re: Suggestions for the C3V

One of the (many) things I appreciated about classic scape was how each faction of soulborgs had a unique aesthetic and mechanical themes that made each faction feel cohesive and distinct. Personally, I would love to see C3V develop a soulborg faction for Einar and I think that using miniatures based on Japanese mecha/gundam designs would be an incredibly thematic and visually interesting way to introduce soulborgs into Einar’s ranks.

As I was doing some research into potential miniatures for such a faction, I found a line of prepainted Gundam miniatures that actually seem to be the perfect size for heroscape soulborgs. I present to you, Shokugan - Mobile Suit Gundam - FW Gundam Converge Gold Edition

Each figure is prepainted and stands approximately 2.2” inches tall, which is roughly the same size as Deathwalker 9000. The miniatures pictured above are just the most recent release in the Gundam Converge line, which over the past ten years has released 21 sets of miniatures similar to the set pictured above.

Now, from what I can tell, the distribution model for these sets in the US is somewhat strange. Whereas they seem to be very popular and relatively inexpensive in Japan, they are somewhat more difficult to find in the US. I was able to find individual models from the Converge Line available from places like Ebay, Walmart, or Barnes & Noble for $7.00-$15.00 each. However, the gold set shown above, which I think would be the best fit for Einar aesthetically, is currently available for preorder from several stores for ~$56.00 including shipping.

What’s strange is that each box set is guaranteed to come with one of each of the five variants pictured above, plus three random duplicates. At $7.00 per miniature they’re still a little on the more expensive side of things, but it's pretty comparable to the recent starfinder releases, if not cheaper once you factor in the cost of shipping for the starfinder sets. While the random nature of the three duplicates is potentially problematic, my hope is that enough people in the heroscapers community would be willing to purchase the boxes and then sell off their duplicates individually that those who don’t want to deal with buying the whole set could easily just buy the individual models they want from other members of the community. It’s certainly not ideal, but in this case I think that the potential of developing an aesthetically unified soulborg faction that feels like a thematic fit for Einar could be worth the unorthodox distribution model.

Even if the gold box doesn’t end up having enough availability to be viable as a c3v release, I hope that c3v keeps the Gundam Converge line in mind as a potential source of Einar soulborgs in the future. At this point I haven’t done enough research to know one way or the other, but it's also possible that there is an older wave from the Converge line with even better availability.

To get a better sense of the scale and paint job of these models, you can watch this unboxing and review here. As you can see in the video, there is a very small amount of assembly required, but overall it looks like assembling these guys would be significantly easier than rebasing something like Axentia or Marutuk.

Regardless of whether or not an Einar Soulborg ever joins the VC canon, thanks for all you folks have done and are doing to keep Heroscape going strong!

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