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Re: C3G Strategy/Competitive Discussion (Mystique *1*)

Originally Posted by IAmBatman View Post
Magneto I, first and foremost, was designed to be a good representation of Magneto. A lot of (possibly all of) the Prof X countering came as a natural extension of his powers being translated into mechanics.
Cool how that works out!

Engulf is nice, but can be difficult to set up, and once he's engaged he usually doesn't last long.
With Avalanche filling out the 1000pts from the Outcast booster of this wave, seems like he is key to getting around Pyro's weaknesses.

Outcast Ambush allows Pyro and 3 other Mutant Outcast Heroes to safely disengage up to 4 spaces, giving Pyro the opportunity move into position to take a turn Engulfing as many as he can.

OM1&2 Avalanche, OM3 Pyro, or

OM1 Avalanche, OM2 Pyro, OM3 Avalanche

Outcast Ambush requires Avalanche use Earthquake SA on at least one non-flying figure, meaning Avalanche can lead the group out by causing some environmental destruction, targeting trees, battlements, other DO's, mobilizing the rest of the group.
Earthquake has an impressive radius affecting "all non-Flying figures within 4 spaces," so he'll need to either move his full 5 spaces ahead of the Brotherhood before using it, or venture separately and be his own distraction.

Plays perfectly like the Outcasts are out causing mayhem, the X-men respond to stop them, Brotherhood and X-men lock up in battle, then Magneto makes his big entrance, going straight for Xavier.

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