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Re: C3G Battle Reports

Originally Posted by GamerHusband View Post
Great battle report. It’s nice to see my battle report format used by the Heroes. Great read for sure. It was nice to see secret units in the battle too. Table top simulator looks really cool. I’m going to have to figure out how it use it.
This is going to be a rough guide, but I hope its helpful:

After downloading TTS, search the Steam Workshop for Heroscape, C3G, Heroclix, Marvel, DC, Kaiju, or any term you think might result in models you might want to use.

The controls for TTS are the standard FPS controls, WSAD for positional movement, and the arrow keys for camera direction.

Some of the Workshop mods will have cards or models in "bags" or boxes, and in order to pull what you want from them, right-click, select search, and you'll be able to choose what you want.

You can highlight multiple cards/models/markers/glyphs, right click one object and Save Object to then use that file to make teams or units for quick play.

Not all models will come preloaded at the correct size for Heroscape, but you can adjust the size of any card or model with the +/- keys.

The C3G mod has a selection of cards preloaded, along with some 2-D comic cutouts.
If the card you wish to use isn't in the mod, you can save the card from this site, and upload it to the game by choosing:
objects->components->cards->custom card
There's a lot of models across the TTS mods, but if there doesn't exist one of what you wish to play as, there's likely a good proxy.

When using Uncommon Heroes, you can right-click and select Color Tint, and choose a color that corresponds to one of the Uncommon Hero card back-templates from the C3G mod, or just a differing color of your choosing. It's not perfect, but you can also use something like the manhole model from the C3G mod as a base for the model, and Color Tint that.

One of the biggest issues is that Order Markers lay face down, because all users can swing the camera in any direction at any time, and look at anyone's OMs.

However, you can press shift-alt to double check the OM you are about to "reveal."
And if you're ever in the situation that an OM might need to be randomly selected from that card by the opponent, and worried your opponent is untrustworthy, and has shift-alted your OM's, you can designate OM's 1-X as Jack/Queen/King/Ace, place the appropriate cards in a deck, right-click shuffle, and have the opponent draw one,

Ladders aren't great, but I do believe there's a solution. I think it has something to do with making "joints" on the ladders, or making "planes" that the map can be adjusted to, but I've not looked into that enough.
So far, I've found some success right-clicking the object, unchecking grid and auto-raise, but it's imperfect, and I do hope to find a better solution in the future.

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