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Re: The Book of Thanos (Infinity Quest)

High regards to experience. That's not only how C3G point totals are determined, that's how official Hasbro rules/points were determined.
I respect that.
I try to factor every official-optional C3G rule every match, when applicable.
Like I said, I try to adhere to rules to a T, so I always refer to precedents.

Here's the scenarios for the Blood River map:

Those feature specifically determined special rules for that map, so to me it's a scenario.

I've not seen any official ruling for a standard calculation of how an asymmetrical multiplayer skirmish point ratio is determined.

If it doesn't exist, it'd be worthwhile to discover what that is.

I honestly thought Beyonder was meant to compete against two friendly 1250pt armies.

I used to almost exclusively play against myself on various maps using:
Thanos vs Cap/IM/Spidey/Hulk or
Thanos vs Red Skull/Doom/Abom/Venom

He one-shotted Doom (375), Red Skull (250), Iron Man (Avengers) (270), and Spidey (250) so many times, I've little doubt Thanos would be eliminating major units/OMs in a 400-600pt army early on.

My earliest posts on this on this board were asking about this card and the Gems, and he's easily my most played unit.

Use Knockback and Throwing. Use the Space Gem to place non-fliers or those without super strength in spots that render them useless; places they can't climb out of or fall from safely or quickly.
Thanos allows one to play as a huge jerk.

I'm not saying it's wrong to ask for a lower point total from the opponent.
Personally, without precedent, but with Thanos experience, I would ask for overall equal point totals between teams.

But I'm often wrong!
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