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Re: The Book of Thanos (Infinity Quest)

I dug around, and I may have scrolled too fast, but here are the 5 examples I found of what you describe:
Spoiler Alert!

They all have some variation of requiring a certain unit be drafted, give specific start zones, glyphs, special rules, special victory conditions, and all designated to each specific map.
They are as you say, scenarios.
Not one is a straight skirmish match, which is what I assume @Ericth74 is going to play.

It's absolutely true that even in skirmish matches, certain units/teams/matchups fair better on certain maps, along with optional C3G rules, like Knockback, Throwing, Destructible trees, ruin defense bonus, etc.

Spoiler Alert!
This links to a defense as to why MCU Captain Marvel didn't help against Thanos earlier.
The answer is that Thanos wasn't a Universe-Level Threat until he gathered so many Gems.
This is in line for this C3G version of Thanos, as each stone he acquires adds to his point value.

Every non-Thanos player at the start of the game puts another Gem on the map.
3v1 is 3 on the map, one in Thanos' hand.
3v2 is 4 on the map, one chosen by his friendly army, one in his hand.
There are more Gems for Thanos to collect earlier in the game in this matchup.
The fewer Gems Thanos has, the more defensively he should play.

In a 2 player matchup, the opponent will either place the Time or Space Gem on the map, forcing the choice for the Thanos player to go with the second best.
Or that opponent could place the least helpful Gem on the board, giving Thanos his first choice, but keeping the next most helpful Gems off the board as long as possible.

I have no idea what Gems these players would pick, what armies anyone will draft, what map they will play on, what optional rules they will use, etc.
I have no idea if 1200+600vs600x3 or 1200vs400x3 is fair.
Sounds like it could pose problems.

I just haven't yet found an official ruling for asymmetric, equal point total skirmish matches.
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