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Re: Iceman3317's Customs 5.0 ( Wave 4 Basic Layout )

Wave 4: Ullar's Faith
The war rages across Valhalla with Valkrill's Gambit. But as the others start to lose faith, Ullar does not. Ullar rallies the troops and Jandar, Aquilla and Einar rally behind him. The forces of darkness lose ground as they are pushed back. This war is far from over and the Allied Generals are far from done.
This is only a basic idea I came up with. I will not start to make cards until I can get my hands on the figures needed. A lot could change before I am ready to start the cards. I will also try to do a better job with the point values.

Set 1: Heroes of the Wastelands
Snakefolk Elementalist.
Fishfolk Knight
Mariedian Hero
Female Elf Warrior
Pirate Captain

Set 2: Soulborgs
Soulborg Commander
Omnicron Commander
Destroborg Gunners (3 figures)

Set 3: Ullar's Force
Centaur Squad. (2 figures)
Human Forestranger.
Human Leaf Assassin

Set 4: Goliaths and Pirates
Goliath Warrior
Pirate Crew (3 figures) or (4 figures)
Goliath Warrior

Legends of War: Custom Large Wave 2:

Destroborg Hero
Destroborg Hero
Volcanic Orc Raptor
Young White Dragon
Desert Cyclopes

Valhalla's Darkest Hour: Custom Wave 3 and March of Shadows: Custom Large Expansion 1 coming soon.

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