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Re: Iceman3317's Customs 5.0 ( Wave 3 and Large 1 Up! )

For Gothorn,

I think Blowback needs to be reworded slightly. I think you should remove 'special attack' as he doesn't have one, and it might confuse people wondering if Greater Air Mastery is supposed to be a special attack.

Dalex Tricon seems pretty solid, as a healer who also gets to move and attack, and has reasonable stats. Reminds me a bit of Sonlen. Rage of Sorrow seems decent, yet hard to put into effect. If he has order markers, it can make Chelsey an undesirable target (which may also work in your favour depending on your gameplan). I enjoy those sorts of figures which have plenty of options or things to plan for.

IceMoon Lake Halflings
Hard to say how effective these guys might be. For the Ice & Snow Strength, it isn't necessary to write in the exclusion for the Frosty Path ability; the Ice & Snow Strength Ability already specifically says it is when they are on a Snow or Ice tile.

40 points for the base stats is somewhat comparable to something like Blade Gruts. The Halflings special abilities are less universal than the Gruts, but on a map that has a reasonable amount of snow and ice, 4 attacks of 4 for 40 points is really strong. Have you playtested these against a few different armies on primarily ice maps to see if they consistently have an advantage?

Elvish Tiger Rider
I like this guy a lot, but I fear he is a bit undercosted. The wording on Elf Archer Inspiration should read something more like "Each Elf archer that is within 4 clear sight spaces of at least one Elvish Tiger Rider adds 1 to their Attack and Defense."

I feel like moving one of these guys on Order Marker 1 and then focusing on your archers gives them all too good an advantage for only 35 points. Compare to Swog Rider, where the Gruts have to be adjacent (forcing you to make interesting move decisions), a single Tiger Rider can affect a few dozen tiles within his aura field. I'm not experienced with costing cards, but I suspect this needs to go up a bit, not sure exactly how far though.
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