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Re: Iceman3317's Customs 5.0 (Working on for set)

Valhalla's Darkest Hour Custom Wave 3

With Valkrill's ascend and Vydar's betrayal, the allied generals know that if they do not change things around soon, the war will be lost. Generals call forth Heroes from many worlds. Sadly even Vydar, Utgar, and Valkrill do as well. Valhalla's Darkest Hour as begun.
Spoiler Alert!

March of Shadows Custom Large Expansion 1
Dark shadows march across the land. The Allied Generals are being pushed back from land they have won. Jandar, Ullar, Aquilla, and Einar are on the brink of losing the war. With new heroes, they hope to turn the war around and regain what they lost.
Spoiler Alert!

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