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Re: C3G Poker-Sized Card Project

Originally Posted by japes View Post

To move your questions over here so we don't clog up Bill's thread...

The spoilers currently are showing which Waves and sets are at whatever state of completion. You can see examples further down the page. Once they are finalized we will be putting them on several card printing sites and you can order them off of there. Currently one site has a price point that puts the nearly 700 cards we've released at about $70 for the full set. I also plan to update that site with each release since the per card cost remains the same and you can do small sets as well.
That won't do unfortunately and here's why. I'm Italian and i'm trying to reach as many people as possible to join me in playing heroscape, hence i'm basically translating all the c3g and creating them one by one using the various templates i found on the website. I then discovered these rectangular ones thread, which i think are better to carry around, but again i need to translate them, being that none of my friends understand or speaks English at a level to play a board game like this. That's why i need the templates
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