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Re: Yet another Rectangular Cards thread

Originally Posted by japes View Post
Originally Posted by Solstar View Post
is it possible to download a template for this?
Bill never released his template (and isn't around as much these days) however I made a similar style VERY heavily influenced by Bills great work. If you are looking for the C3G versions we are working on them here...

I however will also not be releasing the templates, sorry. I'm not fond of stuff I work hard on creating and freely offer ending up on ebay and it's happened too many times.
well i have already saw that link before, and ALL the spoiler page show just nothing when opened.

also, i don't get what you mean by "offer up on ebay" mean the template itself? custom cards created with it? i just plan to make practice and create card FOR PRIVATE, PERSONAL USE,( as in:to b eused only by myself, not even with friends) but that's your choice and i respect it
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