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Designer Weekly

This thread is to gauge interest for a community game, anyone can play as long as they enjoy making Heroscape Customs. Permission obtained from Dysole over discord.


A group of designers come together on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to create a custom from a miniature that they do not choose or see until the "rotation" starts.

As a participant you would receive a message at the beginning of the rotation, the message would contain a randomly assigned user name with a particular color, another person that is playing Designer Weekly. Your job from that point will be to go and find a miniature to send to the username that you have received. The color of the username sent to you will designate how "tough" they want their design challenge to go.

As a participant you will also be messaged with a link to a miniature and constraints based upon what level of challenge you identify wanting (Green, Yellow, Red). Then you have the entire rest of the rotation to create a custom, which can be done using the X-2 Customs Card Creator, MTG Set Editor, any photo program of your choice or even just as a text write out if that's more your style.

The goal would be to create a feasible custom that you would play at your table or want to share with the community. Create the best custom that you can using friends, the forum, discord or facebook for feedback and help but the ideas and design must be your own. At some point during the rotation you can submit your "final" design by sending it as a message to the person running Designer Weekly (which would be me for the time present). At the end of the rotation all the final submissions would be posted in one large post and as a group we can vote on our favorite from the submissions of the rotation.


In order to take part in Designer Weekly, you would simply need to message me or make a post in the thread communicating your interest and what level of challenge that you want ranging from Green, Yellow, and Red. From there, your name will be added a list for the main post for that rotation and I will scramble all of the names on the first day of the rotation (Example: Sunday would be the start of a rotation if we played on a weekly basis, every other Sunday if we played on a bi-weekly basis).

Then I will send each participant the name and challenge level of the participant that they will go and find a miniature for with the message titled Designer Weekly Participant. Then, send your indicated participant a link to the miniature that you have chosen for them (off a site like Reaper Minis, Wizkids, or any other source for miniatures) and your message should be titled Designer Weekly Challenge.

The criteria for miniature picking is simple:
1. Find a miniature online with a visual reference.

2. The miniature should be appropriate for use in a Heroscape game (appropriate scale).

3. You may find multiple miniatures for a Squad or a stand alone miniature for a Hero.
The color levels for the level of challenge that a designer wants to be at determine what kind of constraints that you can send them. There are only three levels, they will be noted as a participant signs up for Designer Weekly.
Green = No constraints, just send them a miniature whether it be a group of miniatures for a squad or a a stand alone miniature to make a hero.

Yellow = Some constraints, the general and the rarity of the miniature can be dictated (meaning Utgar, Jandar, Ullar, etc... and meaning common, uncommon, or unique).

Red = Lots of constraints, in addition to the constraints listed at the Yellow level here you can dictate up to 3 additional things about the unit to include point value, stats, or descriptive attributes (class, race, personality).

The purpose of this forum game would be to inspire custom creators and have us in a constant state of a back burner project or with a weekly/bi-weekly challenge that we can work on in our spare time. Playtesting would not be required, just make the best custom that you can within the constraints that you pick (challenge level indicated by Green, Yellow, or Red) and have it shared with the group at the end of the challenge rotation so we can vote on who created the best custom (no voting for yourself). If you have made it this far and have read the basic draft please post below if you would be:
A. Interested in this forum game, so that we can judge interest.

B. Have questions or suggestions, for instance I would like feedback on making it weekly, bi-weekly or something else.
I'll leave this up for about a week to get some feedback, ideas and refinement while interest is gauged and then when we get ready to play the game I will follow the process above and ping all players when the names have been scrambled.
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