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Fan made worlds and timelines

Making custom figures always call from new worlds and times, here is a set of mine.

New Timelines


2052: Earth is a corporate state, capitalism have ruled supreme, there is no middle class, just workers and the government. The poilce have been militarized to keep the cities in working order. A rebeling called the People of Freedom [P.O.F.] have risen up against the world government.

2315: Krav Maga have taken over the world, with early nano technology and super smart computers, the agency got all under control, with their powerful ninja suits and up to date martial arts training, no force on earth can stop them. But now the Krav Maga is at a economic crisis as resources are almost depleted.

2430: After world war 3 and the making of the technology to harness energy from almost anywhere, a new economic golden age have risen, a new elite squad of nano fighters have be founded to protect the world from tyrants, but a new organization, called the Bio-Genix are doing illegal biological experiments, creating
new life form and uplifting animals that are escaping out of their labs.


4th Age: In this age, dwarves and goblins are at war for dominance for the mountain of raging storms. Technology quickly advance at this age.

New World


A world where a race of hudons worship the celestial beings called godlings. There are currently 4 Eras, the Rising Era, the Primal Era, the Dark Era and the Civil Era.


A world of steampunk knights and castles.


A world broken by war by the Space Guardians, technological advance elves that fight protect Stey from the planet inventors, the Night Wings
and where the savage beast called the Zerguts live.


A world of giant beasts, giant apes, and giant fishs ruling over the animals. But weird robots have came to extract the planets resources.

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