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Re: Looking for recommendations for a TCG

Originally Posted by keglo View Post
I've got a bunch of extra commons and uncommons.

Furthermore, I've got no interest in the blue characters, so I could sell you a bunch of them if you're interested.
Thanks, @MegaSilver for the offer. I think that I will hold off on buying individual cards for now while I am learning the game. I am clueless about deck building. I would assume though, that at some point, either my wife or I will want to include blues in at least one of our decks. I would like to get a few games under my belt though before I start trying to form any ideas on the direction that I might want to go with my deck. That being said, what sort of pricing are we talking about for your blues?

I did get to play one game with the wife yesterday. It was slow going as we were both learning the rules, figuring out the wording on cards, etc. But I can tell already that I love this game. I just hope that I can somehow get my wife's enthusiasm up to match my own.

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