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Re: Cerebrax and Runed Skull Beetle

Thank you both for your recommendations! I agree that the non-standard wording and powers are a bit off putting on both figures. Since neither of these will likely ever be part of a tournament, I will most likely just keep the cards a little weird but bump up their point values to make casual games at home a little less one sided.

I actually bought out the seller on ebay for the beetles since she had several, and I have found that paired with Cerebrax and sand if I can get it, they are crazy strong with no order marks. They are great for engaging ranged figures to buy time until I can get Sujoah out there (also boosted by Cerebrax). With essentially 6 attack (4+ auto skull from Cerebrax) Sujoah can get his poison sting special almost every time. (Writing this now though, I see another problem with the wording on Cerebrax's card, technically boosting a special attack....)
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