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Re: Workbook of Cave Troll of Moria - Playtesting (Fellowshi

HoME Playtest Form

NAME OF TEST UNIT: Cave Troll of Moria]
*Version tested
SIZE/HEIGHT = LARGE/7? (double-spaced)

LIFE = 6
MOVE = 4

If this Moria Cave Troll moves over at least three contiguous dungeon or shadow spaces, you may add an additional 1 space to his move. This Moria Cave Troll rolls 2 additional attack dice when attacking an adjacent figure or destructible object on at least one dungeon or shadow space.

When rolling defense dice against a normal attack, this Moria Cave Troll always adds 1 automatic shield to whatever is rolled.

THEME TEST: Are there any powers or stats on the test unit card that do not accurately reflect the theme or likeness of what the character should be able to do? Also consider whether or not this character's powers should affect destructible objects.
[Nope, looks good.]

FUN TEST: Was the unit fun to play?
[Yes, a big fun Troll that can smash weak enemies and doesnít go down easy.]

FUN OPPOSITION TEST: Was the unit acceptable to play against? Could it be considered annoying?
[It went well, can take awhile to chip away at, unless you are using special attacks]

USAGE TEST: Were all of the powers on this card used, or at least usable?
[Yup, didnít use the bonus move too often, and pretty much all of Cave Dweller relies on the map you are using.]

STRATEGY TEST: Does the unit offer any real strategy or interesting tactics to the overall game?
[Yes, works quite well as a standalone legbreaker to throw in any army, really the map is the main consideration.]

BONDING TEST: Compare the unit card with all currently existing Bonding abilities. Are there any Bonding loops that do not stop appropriately?
[Donít see any.]

SYNERGIES TEST: Think of all the current cards that would have synergy with the unit card. Are there any factors that could break the game by making a unit too powerful or too weak?
[Not really, itís designed as a stand-alone tank build that can be thrown in any army.]

POWER CHECK: When considering the test unit against all existing units (including all finalized C3V, SoV, and HoME units) and all glyphs, are there any powers that could be overamplified and break the game? Each power should define when it takes place, who or what it affects, and what conditions (if any) apply.
[Looks good as far as I can tell.]

DRAFTING TEST: Is this unit worth drafting?
[Yes, but most usually in dungeon/shadow maps.]

MIRROR TEST: Consider the test unit against itself. Are there any loops that would upset the balance of the Game?


Did the unit perform adequately? What should be the unit's point value? Give a brief summary.
[The first two Cave Trolls had a very strong start and managed to one shot two elves (thanks to Cave Dweller boosting their already good attack), before being taken out (mostly because those Elven specials completely ignored Tough, which didnít see much action this game). Another note is that even without Tough being used much, the 6 life really helps make up for the low defense and gives them some time to get damage in. Krug moved in and sweeped before the last Troll even had a chance to do anything.]

Map: [Burial Marsh]
Units: Army 1: [Cave Troll of Moria X3 90pts, Krug 120pts, Brunak 110pts] ([500pts]) VS Army 2: [Acolarh 110pts, Syvarris 100pts, Jorhdawn 100pts, Chardris 90pts, Emirroon 80pts, Kyntela Gwyn 20pts] ([460pts])
Spoiler Alert!


Did the unit perform adequately? What should be the unit's point value? Give a brief summary.
[The Cave Troll proved tough to take down (it was pretty stalematey for a bit), but in the end I relied too much on that and it cost me some order markers, it was a close game. Cave Dweller helped a lot and helped the Troll smash 120pts worth of units]

Map: [Burial Marsh]
Units: Army 1: [Cave Troll of Moria 90pts, Ornak 100pts, Tornak 100pts, Heavy Gruts 70pts (X3)] (500pts) VS Army 2: [Sir Gilbert 100pts, Sir Denrick 100pts, Macdirk Warriors (X2) 80pts, Knights of Weston (X2) 70pts] ([500pts])
Spoiler Alert!
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