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Re: Public Design Workshop

Originally Posted by Arkham View Post
Originally Posted by redstang View Post
I'm certainly down for changing the tactician power to more of a pairing power with Jax. Ring Dash is a move she can perform in game as is Kartwheel. Being able to Ring Dash to separate, Kartwheel in and then attack or allow Jax or another figure to attack was what I was going for. My focus was more for a combo attack then other gadget type play I guess.
I get what you're going for, but I guess it just doesn't really ring to me as distinctly Sonya. She can do those things, yes, but that's not her most defining or iconic maneuvers.

Sonya's Kiss of Death for instance, her Fatality since the beginning, and used in the 2nd movie Annihilation, is distinctly Sonya. That's not just something anyone does, like a cartwheel tends to be in terms of gymnasts/acrobats.

My issue with the rings, which are absolutely iconic for her, is the implementation. In the games, they aren't used as a knockback mechanic or a means of lowering defense, they're just projectiles. Her rings could be represented by her Range, along with her gun play etc.

I definitely encourage the Sonya + Jac combo thinking. One offers one thing that they other directly benefits from. That's a great way to approach things, I just don't think as-is, on the Sonya side, is ideal for the character. A lot of these we approach them as one and done designs, since they require mods at the moment. So if we were to try to capture everything important and iconic to the character's history onto 1 card, what feels the most important?

If we were to ask the MK fandom, casual or diehard, to define Sonya:

In terms of personality and background we have:
1. Military/Special Forces
2. Partnership with Jax, and relationship tension with Johnny
3. Stubborn, Determined, Fierce

In terms of iconic moves and abilities:
1. Energy Rings (most common ability in every appearance)
2. Kiss of Death (first Fatality that has been brought back into her moveset multiple times, as well as how she kills Cyrax in the 2nd movie)
3. Leg Grab (classic games, uses to kill Kano in the original movie)

So if we are to have a Sonya design, I'd want to see as many of those traits represented as possible. Her fighting prowess and gymnastic abilities are of course welcome to be worked into things, but I wouldn't want to see a power dedicated to just a cartwheel, for example.

I could see a breakdown of:

Class = Soldier

Range = 4

Something that sees her playing in Agent/Soldier armies, and specifically works well with Jax, which is perhaps where the Determined callout comes into play allowing soft synergy with some other Earthrealm fighters.

Additional fighting techniques could be worked into this power, be it a special attack or normal. Perhaps subtracting attack to gain range, with a bonus for rolling all skulls?

Something that sees her stripping Order Markers, dealing killing blows, or gives her(or an ally) an additional/free attack.
Does the Soldier faction need more synergy though? Didn't think that would be a community priority at this point given how strong it has become.
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