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Re: New England Heroscape: 4x400

Originally Posted by Chris Perkins View Post
Added maps and added more details in the description regarding the format.

Essentially, you bring 4 armies numbered 1 - 4. Each round is randomly assigned a number 1-4, and you play that army each round. So you play each of your armies once, but you don't control which round that army is played in.

A figure can only be used in one army - if you bring Raelin one army, she can't be in any of the other 3.

I'm happy to lend a few figures to anyone who needs them, on a first come first serve basis (but realistically I should have enough, unless you are the 2nd or 3rd person to ask for the same figure).
Awesome thanks for the info I haven't played 4x4 obviously lol. Judging on the maps and amount of figures you can lend out sounds like you have a ton gosh lol.


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