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Re: TB's Customs. -All of my Customs.

Been a while since I've been back to scapers lol.

Originally Posted by The B.I.V. View Post
Cool stuff. Mizzo the Tank seems extremely overpowered. With a 6 defense, two auto sheilds and 7 life, he's never going down! I'd put him around 250-300. Ask yourself this: how would he stand up to the Hulk?

If you want him to be a defensive powerhouse, fine. But then, I'd lower his attack to around 3, maybe 4 max. 5 is way too much paired with his "Is that all you got" power (which is a cool power, by the way).

Also, Redwing needs a point value. The summoning is similar to the Rechets and you'll notice that they have point values even though they may never enter the game depending on the d20 roll. Either that, or make Joseppi, like, 500 points...

Thanks for the Tips man. I figured it would be ok to make Mizzo a bit tougher, because he can only have one turn per round. I'll pit him up against the hulk later, see how it works out.

I also agree redwing could use a point cost. I'll get to working on that later. Having said that, two fresh customs.

Crixis is an idea I got from a Wc3 game called Dota. The Sand King in dota is a giant scorpion, who can pop around the map and cause sandstorms. My heroscape take on the hero. He can also cause units to explode when he kills them. Any giant scorpion mini can work, I choose to use a reaper mini because, well its the one I have (note: the one I use is not my mini, I'm not that good at painting)

This hero is a tad diffrent. I was trying to find a giant spider to use, to represent another DoTa hero, but then I came across this figure and did two + two. Its a siloutte from Dreamblade. They have about 5 versions of him, im sure any shady figure can work though, but I bring you "The Darkness"

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