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Re: 2006-05-10 All Maps from the HQ

Hey folks!

I JUST got my first set (ROTV) last night! I've been reading forum posts and the like while I waited. I also downloaded the Single Set Maps that Gary compiled. (Thanks for that bud!)

I wanted to compile that set into a massive PDF file so I can access it easily on my Tablet. I have that file if anyone is interested!

Again, it's only the single set maps. I can do that for the others if you'd like.

Thanks again Gary for making that all possible. I'm about to play my first game in a little bit. (Blade Blender)

It's about 41mb in file size and below is the link to it on Mediafire. Not sure if there's a better way to host it but I'm open to suggestions if this is worth hosting.


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