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Re: Unit Debate # 76 Tandros Kreel vs Torin

Originally Posted by lefton4ya View Post
I was thinking of using one of these unit for Scapecon, and I think they are at first glance very similar as "defender tanks", hence why I chose the debate.

1. Stats/Special Powers
Tandros has a bit more survivability, Torin can get up to 6 attack on small and medium figures, Tandros has a weak ranged attack to boot. Not counting CLEAVE and COMBAT CHALLENGE or EVIL EYE DEFENSE, I think Tandros slightly wins. for those special powers one is better against range and another is better against melee. Both are valid for different circumstances and forces an opponent to change their strategy. Honestly one unit is not better than the other in all circumstances as really based on who you pair them with, but Tandros' CLEAVE I think has a better chnagce of actually wounding in a game then EVIL EYE DEFENSE, therefore I think Tandros wins.

2. Playability
Both are actually difficult to play. You have to put order markers on them to keep up with figures you are defending. Unlike Nakita's Smoke Powder Torin does not prevent figures from getting attacked from range, just discourages it especially from low dice attacks, which is especially nice against ranged commons but not on special attackers. Tandros is good to protect more fragile units from melee attacks, especially melee squads and bonding units. For straight double-bind where common ranged squads are more prevalent I think Torin is better, but for reverse-the-whip or other formats where melee is more common, or when pairing with Braxas, Hydra, or other "fragile sharks" Tandros is better. TIE.

3. Overall Usefulness
Again really depends on who you pair with. However I think Tandros fits in more armies as a swiss-army knife of both tank to attack, defender of fragile heroes, as well as an great glyph grabber and clean-up figure and someone wo draws fire, versus Torin where people ignore. Not to discount the Torin ignored as as strategy to make your opponent follow a certain path, but Tandros seems slightly more useful.

4. Who Would Win Head-To-Head
Torin gets +2 attack against medium Tandro which can eat through Tandros' 2 more life. Also Tandros will not use his ranged attack first. Torin wins.

5. Army Builds
As mentioned before Tandros seems like it fits in more armies. Also Tandros works great with Theracus, Brunak, or Saylind to both bring him into the foray and protect the carriers that took him for a ride/summoned. Tandros wins.

6. Best Strategic Use
Both are Tanks, Tandros is a better defender, Torin is better to cause an opponent to rethink who he/she is attacking and where they move. Honestly I am not as experienced with Torin as I am with Tandros, so I will leave as a tie for now.

7. Best in Dungeon Crawl
Both are great, but Tandros was literally summoned to Valhalla in D&D campaigns in first master set. Tandros wins.
Overall I agree with you...the only item I would mention is the 6 attack of Torin probably makes Stats/Spec Powers a Tie.
I think we often overlook the high number of dice assuming we all suck at rolling them and knowing that when it counts for an attack...6 shields is "Typical!".

Tandros is better at overall usefulness, army builds (I love using him with Brunak), and in a dungeon crawl.
I would probably lean more towards Torin as a Tank but it could easily be called a tie...
3-1 Tandros. (Possibly 3-2 but Tandros still wins)

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