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Looks good.

Originally Posted by Suggested Wording
Mind Gem: After moving and before attacking, you may choose an enemy unique hero adjacent to Thanos. Roll the 20-sided die. If you roll 20 or higher, take control of the chosen hero's card. Remove all order markers from that card and place it with your army. Opponents may never take control of Thanos.

Power Gem: When attacking an adjacent figure, Thanos rolls an additional 6 attack dice.

Soul Gem: If Thanos destroys a hero, remove two wound markers from this card. If Thanos destroys a squad figure, remove one wound marker from this card.

Time Gem: Add 10 to your initiative roll.

Reality Gem: After an opponent rolls the 20-sided die, you may cause that opponent to re-roll. The new result would be used. The Reality Gem may only be used once per 20-sided die roll.

Space Gem: Instead of moving normally, Thanos may use the Power Gem to Space Warp. To Space Warp, choose any empty space within clear sight of Thanos and place Thanos in the chosen space. If Thanos is adjacent to any enemy figures when he begins to Space Warp, he will take any leaving engagement attacks. Thanos cannot use the Power Gem in the same turn that he used the Space Gem.
This is off the top of my head at midnight, so it could possibly be better.

Having played Thanos with my custom Gems and seeing 4 1000 point teams taken down by him single handedly, I'd say your version is much more tame. I would start the testing at 500 points and go from there.
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