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Re: The Book of Tul-Bak-Ra

RE: Toxic Skin- If Tul-Bak-Ra takes a wound due to Toxic Skin, and summons a Marro also adjacent to the figure rolling for Toxic Skin, does the figure rolling for Toxic Skin also get to roll for the newly summoned figure?

Similarly, if Tul-Bak-Ra takes a wound due to an explosion attack, and summons a Marro, does the attack also affect the summoned Marro?

Hmm...not sure.

If I go by D&D Miniatures logic, which I think works for HS in this case, you have an attack or power used, damage is inflicted upon success, and a power is triggered by said damage. All of those things happen, in their entirety, in that order. Meaning, the triggered power (in this case, new Marro teleported in) would be considered as happening after the attack is resolved. Even though it sort of happens like an interrupt, the fact remains that those new marro were not technically adjacent when KMS/Hounds ended their move phase. As for the explosion, I would think the explosion would hit TBR and the shockwave would be done with by the time he summoned them.
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