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Re: What Board Game Are You Currently Playing?

Originally Posted by Hex_Enduction_Hour View Post
Never heard of the game, but I like tile-laying mechanics.
Looks fun!
You're never heard of Mystery Mansion?! Sorry, I'm sure a lot of people probably aren't familiar with the game, but it was one of my favs growing up. It's really nothing too ingenious. You're going from room to room looking for treasure chests via search cards. Once you find one, you have to take it outside in order to open it up. However, while some chests contain treasure... and others are empty!


I'm sure you've gone over already, but here is the page:

Only thing I never liked about the game is that the rooms are made out of flimsy cardboard, and don't deal very well with common wear-n-tear... or being stepped on by your younger brother.

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