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No need for jealousy, I assure you. Keith sings a lot, and I have this special move when I get mad, where I pick up the big glacier and put it down directly on top of whoever poses the biggest threat. Other than that you're not missing much.

That said, we got together for a rematch tonight. I made sure to check his cheater math so he didn't get away with any extra points. We went with 350 for the first game, and 300 for the second.

Battle The First

Keith's Army:
The Einar Imperium - 140
Tagawa Samurai Archers - 65
Empress Kiova - 90
Marro Warriors - 50

Joe's Army:
Tagawa Samurai - 120
Izumi Samurai - 60
Cyprien Esenwein - 150
Isamu - 10

We started at opposite ends with a road down the middle, the highest point being a bridge in the center. Keith started by moving his archers toward the road, and I sent my Tagawa Samurai out to meet him. I ended up with more terrain between me and the road, so he got a few free shots off before I reached him. He was able to pick off one Samurai, but the other two pressed on.

Meanwhile everyone else started inching up, but no one jumped into the fray before the Samurai clashed on the bridge. Along with the Izumi, my Tagawa took out two archers before Keith's Einar Imperium showed up. He made the mistake of having them go against my counterstriking Samurai, and two of them met an early end. His Kyrie took out one more Tagawa before the Izumi finished him off, as well as the last archer.

The Marro Warriors had been firing unsuccessfully here and there, and once Cyprien intersected them and started picking them off, the rest took to the water to start cloning. Empress Kiova floated around, trying to intimidate Cyprien, but he was eventually able to finish off the Marro Warriors before finally rolling a 20 on the chilling touch to take her down once and for all. Isamu watched from the sidelines and winked mysteriously as victory was declared for Joe.

Battle The Second

Keith's Army:
Deadeye Dan - 60
Knights of Weston - 70
Sir Gilbert - 105
Tarn Viking Warriors - 50
Isamu - 10

Joe's Army:
Major Q10 - 150
Deathreavers - 40
Ninjas of the Northern Wind - 110

Keith started by taking aim for my rats with Deadeye Dan, but missing. I sent Major Q10 out to start shooting at the knights before they were baring down on me, but I was rolling poorly and they had a height advantage. Eventually I got stuck trying to secure line of sight and I didn't take into account Sir Gilbert's movement bonus. Before I knew it, the knights were upon me, and I was only able to pick off one of them before they dispatched poor Q10.

I tied up the knights with the Deathreavers as my ninjas snuck in, and I was able to take out one more knight, as well as three vikings when they decided to show up, but that was about it. My spirits were crushed after mishandling Q10, and Sir Gilbert heroically led the onslaught as my ninjas failed to disappear and my rats failed to do much of anything. It wasn't long before Keith was crowned victorious, Isamu again winking mysteriously from the sidelines.

Final Score: Keith 1, Joe 1

I did a little better with Cyprien this time, but I really feel like I let Q10 down. I hope he won't harbor any deep feelings of resentment toward me if I try to draft him again. It seems Keith and I are somewhat equally matched, taking turns making blunders. Until next time ...
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